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This is a slightly more complex arrangement than the original , which featured a very simple menu system that only allowed for vertical scrolling. Here, there's a fancy 3x3 grid. On top of the is a micro USB socket for charging, while on the bottom is a honest-to-goodness 3. Underneath the back, which takes some force to prise off, is a removable battery—which is good for around a week of use! You might be wondering why on earth you need a microSD card on a phone like this. Well, wonder no more: the comes with a miserly 16MB of built-in storage, of which a mere 1.

If you plan on taking any more than five photos with the built-in 2MP camera, or listening to MP3s, an SD card is a necessity. Using the Nokia isn't quite like stepping back in time to the noughties, since there's Bluetooth 3.

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These include the likes of Facebook and Twitter, both of which are stripped bare to save on data. They work surprisingly well, provided all you want to do is fire out the odd tweet or chat to someone in FB messenger. Photos, GIFs, and videos are all just about doable but by golly they're slow to load , and there's a Web browser in the form of Opera Mini. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I couldn't get Opera to work via the EE network, despite other apps working just fine.

That said, I have used Opera Mini on the similarly equipped Nokia Suffice it say, unless you like scrolling extremely slowly through badly rendered Web pages that take an age to load, Opera Mini at least on a low-end SoC is not an enjoyable experience. Even if it was, typing on numeric keypad with T9 predictive text—which allows you to hit each number key just once to type a word—is the worst kind of torture. I'm sure that in my formative years I was the king of T9 typing.

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But even at my best, I doubt I could have typed as fast as I can now on a touch-screen qwerty keyboard—even when regressing to quality wordsmanship like "k cu l8r. But at this level, it makes so little difference. The doesn't take pictures so much as it creates an impressionist water colour of whatever you point it at. It's not like you can't get more for your money either. The Nokia doesn't even have Wi-Fi. The Nokia 's sole purpose for existing is that it looks a little bit like the phones we used to own as teenagers.

That's not really a selling point.

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  8. It's barely an idea. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Enlarge. While this phone is not currently scheduled for release in the US, we thought you would be interested in this review from our colleagues in the UK. Mark Walton. And Snake. Except, it's really bad Snake. If ironic style is your thing, the is the phone to own. Further Reading Nokia 6 hands-on: A metal phone with stock Android?! Someone is listening! Email mark. Chronological Insightful Highest Voted Funniest.

    Seriously, Nokia made feature phones with 3G in the past already. It's an old tech.

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    Why can't they just put 3G here? I don't know if hipsters are the target demographic for this phone. I agree that retro for the sake of retro is a thing, but I can see use cases for the new Nokia There are lots of people out there for whom touchscreens and touch user interfaces are the work of the devil - I've spent an inordinate amount of time lately teaching a family member how to use his first touchscreen phone - and who have no use for most features of even the dumbest smartphone.

    Also, it's possible HMD might price it differently in less affluent markets.

    One thing I find missing in the review is ruggedness. My lasted some 5 years in my hands and took quite a few beatings. It usually fell apart, but came together with no visible damage other than scratches on the covers. I only bought another phone after that one when I lost it, otherwise it might have lasted another 5 years which was about as long as it took for smartphones to take off in earnest. WangChung wrote:.

    You're looking at the phone all wrong.

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    The demographic that exists for the new has three criteria: - Does it call? That's it. Anything else is a bonus. Announced in Mobile World Congress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finland portal.

    REVIEW: The new Nokia 3310 is great — so we threw it out a window

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    The new phone is a tribute. Either way, I'm still "weak" opposing since I think the two articles should be merged together due to lack of notability separate from each other. Steel talk , 4 March UTC The original Nokia is definitely notable on its own, it's somewhat iconic. The new phone rides on its coat-tails, at least for now, so I would agree with a merger. Rwendland talk , 5 March UTC I agree with that, the model will be merged into Nokia Tribute phone section just as what did in high end smartphone models.

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    WikiProject Finland. Just as the company has done with the colour scheme — the shiny plastic yellow, red, blue and grey of old all represented. Nokia The Verdict. The new Nokia isn't a phone to win your head, but it can certainly do strange things to your heart.

    Sure, it doesn't have super-fast internet connectivity, or a selfie-ready camera, or the latest apps, but if you're looking for a reliable second phone to throw in a travel bag and last for ages, this could be the phone for you. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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